Dear colleagues,

The Czech Institute of Internal Auditors invites you to the international conference:

Internal Audit from the Owner`s Point of View.

Where and when takes the conference place?

The conference takes place in the spa city of Karlovy Vary in the hotel Thermal on November 9 – 10, 2011.

Why do we invite you?

We want to intermediate the exchange of experience and look for answers to questions related to the relationship of the internal audit, owners and management in the following areas:

  • Could the owners minimize the risk of loss or decrease in the value of the capital they invested in the business by creating the system of internal audit in the company?
  • How could internal auditor help the owners to protect their investments?
  • What do the owners expect from the internal audit and why some companies have and some do not have the internal audit?
  • How does the management influence the relationship between the internal audit and the owners?
The conference will try to react to these and other questions.

Who will be the speakers at the conference?

The representatives of the owners, management and also internal auditors will present at the conference. They will share their experience with this relationship, their recommendations how to approach other parties involved in the corporate governance. At the moment we are contacting and communicating with potential Czech and foreign lecturers. We will inform you continuously on our web page

Don`t miss this interesting topic at so attractive place, make some space in your diary and accept our invitation to our autumn international conference in Karlovy Vary.


Ing. Daniel Häusler reditel kanceláre CIIA, o. s.